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 Hi Angela, just a quick note regarding feedback…. I am loving this ‘course/journey’.  I have gotten so much out of it, probably even more than I am aware of at this moment.  My family has also noticed a shift in my perhaps you would say ‘mood’ lol or just my general vibe.  

The way I describe it is I am more aware…. Of how I am feeling, my surroundings, how I speak to myself and others.  I still have a long way to go with certain aspects, but I thank you for sharing your passion, it truly will help so many women, children, family’s and husbands ( and their referred pain lol).  You “need’ to keep sharing your knowledge and passion to the Sunshine Coast… or as big as you want to go!!  

Ange, what you are teaching is amazing but for me it is YOU and your natural, genuine, passionate belief that has made the impact.  You have to be able to connect - and you do!!  So I would encourage you to learn from our feed back but I wouldn’t change a thing in regards to ‘how’ you run the course. Just being you as you is what comes across. I would highly recommend it to anyone!  

Cheers, Katie

Ps  I was flat out yesterday when one of my daughters asked me to go for a quick walk with our lab to the beach, I said no…… then stopped thought about it and ran after her as she walked out the gate….no time to grab shoes….. 
I walked barefoot to the beach,  on the beach and home again!!  Grounding myself and feeling the road, grass, sand and water…….not a natural occurrence for me!! - Just being aware…. Its what it is all about!! xx

Dear Ange, Thank you so much for this ‘Mindfulness Journey’. I didn’t know what to expect and it has definitely exceeded my expectations!  I feel so much calmer, happier and at peace with who I am.  We often get so caught up in this fast paced world . We rush and over-think what we have to get done & where we have to be.  I realize now ...., I was missing out on precious time with my kids and not taking the time to ‘really listen and connect’ with them.   You have given me so many tools to just be in the moment and appreciate life and loved ones.  To Stop, breathe and just BE!!

Thank you Ange, these life long tools are absolute GOLD - they have and will continue to enrich my life. XxX


I absolutely LOVE this course and appreciate the opportunity to attend.  I think Ange is amazing and so talented in this area of Mindfulness, and what really helps is she shares freely.  It is really helping me in my professional career (with cancer patients) and also personally.  I am so grateful to be able to pass these skills on to my children and share the positive experiences I am having throughout the 8 weeks.


I really had my lightbulb moment when Angela spoke about accepting even the bad difficult moments. I do that for myself but I try really hard that my children don’t hurt and I try saving them from it instead of supporting them through the challenges. The child with the flu was a great analogy. You're doing great Angela, you speak and share from the heart. This makes me feel so comfortable, plus you clearly practice what your teaching. Thanks so much for this experience.


I'd suggest the mindfulness course to anyone and everyone! I love being in the moment and feeling good. I'm taking time out of most days to meditate now & I feel so much better for it!  I now know it's okay to let thoughts come and go, as I used to just get frustrated.  Now I've become so much better with unwanted thoughts coming and going during day, I either give myself words of encouragement like a friend would, or simply let them pass. I'm more aware of my emotions and use the tools learnt in the course to help.

Angela makes it funny and light and lets you know it's okay if you struggle at times to meditate or do any of the practices. She makes you feel comfortable and lets you know she struggles at times too, but to always come back to it later. She gives you a booklet of the lessons you've learnt so you can go over it, especially if you don't want to miss a thing. Thank you Angela, I'll be teaching my kids one day as well 

Erin xx