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Mindfulness for adolescents - 'Making Friends with Yourself'

Program for Tweens and Teens

Adolescence is a time of change and growth. It is the period of life reserved for rebellion and self-discovery, but as the demands in life increase for teens, this time is often fraught with confusion, anxiety or depression. For many teens, these challenges lead to disconnection and isolation. This course in Mindful Self-Compassion is designed to facilitate awareness, self-kindness and stronger connections in response to these growing challenges. Through developmentally appropriate activities and carefully crafted practices and meditations, teens have an opportunity to learn how to navigate the emotional ups and downs of life with greater ease. This course creates an opportunity for adolescents to construct a healthier and more equitable world-view and gives rise to greater compassion and empathy toward self and others. 

In a preliminary research study, this program demonstrated a significant decrease in depression, anxiety, perceived stress and negative mood.  Making Friends with Yourself (MFY) is a Mindful Self-Compassion Program for Teens & Young Adults (aged 11 to 20 years), developed by Karen Bluth and Lorraine Hobbs.  This program is endorsed by Kristin Neff & Christopher Germer, whose Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program Karen and Lorraine skilfully adapted to create a new program suitable for young people.  It is a brilliant program for adolescents providing a wide variety of self-compassion skills using developmentally appropriate language and activities.  According to research, if all teens learned self-compassion early on, so much unnecessary suffering can be prevented!

During the Program, you will learn how to relate to yourself in a new way that strengthens your own personal capacity for kindness during times of struggle, just like you would for a good friend. Learning to accept yourself in a balanced way without unhelpful harsh self-criticisms is empowering. Being able to motivate yourself effectively, not out of fear but instead focussing on your core values and strengths is uplifting.  You will not only learn ways to improve your relationship with yourself, but also with others; at home, at school, with friends & study/workmates! You will explore how to be a better person, better friend, better son or daughter & better co-worker if you are starting out in the workplace. Everyone will benefit!!!

The Program is currently run on Thursday afternoons after school starting at 4pm in 'The Mindful Ocean' Studio located in Wurtulla on the Sunshine Coast.  Further information will be provided upon registration.  Additionally,  a short 'Family Orientation' session can be arranged for parents and teen/s to answer any questions and ease any concerns if required.


weekly Content summary for the MINDFUL tween/teen program

Weeks 1 & 2


In Week 1, we discover what MSC is and how we treat our friends, versus how we  treat ourselves.  In Week 2 we move onto understanding our mind, and how to pay attention 'on purpose'.

Week 3 & 4


In Week 3, we discuss the evolutionary function of the adolescent brain and how to find 'Loving-Kindness' for ourselves and others.  Week 4 focusses directly on 'Self-Compassion'.

Week 5


Week 5 explores the very important topic of Self-Compassion versus Self-Esteem, and the cost of social comparison in a world dictated by social media.

Week 6


Week 6 looks at our 'Core Values', then moves on to learn how to find value in our mistakes, failures or internal suffering (i.e., what is the silver lining?), and how to live 'deeply'.

Week 7


Week 7 focusses on strategies for working with difficult emotions, working with anger, and exploring unmet needs.

Week 8


In Week 8, we bring everything we have learned together and focus on moving forward by embracing our lives with gratitude.


Mindfulness for Adolescents 8Week Program (Early Bird Price)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Regular price if paid after 10 Oct is $395.  A Payment Plan of $50 per week can be arranged if this is more suitable.  Please message to arrange.