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The Mindful Ocean

Welcome to The Mindful Ocean - The Home of Mindfulness

About Me

Angela Turney. BBehSc BPsych (Hons) - Griffith University. MSC / MFY Trained Instructor - University of California, San Diego, Center for Mindfulness

After working within Government as an Organisational Psychologist for many years, I took several years off to raise my beautiful family.  During this time my career focus changed as I could see a strong need for children, teenagers, adults, families and whole communities to 'stop & take a deep breath' due to our ever increasingly fast paced, technology driven, device saturated world.  That is when I increased my research into Mindfulness, fell in love with it's philosophy, and decided to specialise in this incredibly powerful, scientifically based health & wellness field.

I have since been trained in the United States (University of California , San Diego) by the leaders in Mindfulness, and the developers of Mindful Self-Compassion; Kristen Neff, PhD, Chistopher Germer, PhD, Steven Hickman, PdD, & Michelle Becker, PhD.  I have also been trained in the adolescent adaptation of this program (Making Friends with Yourself), by co-developer, Karen Bluth, PhD.

I am incredibly lucky and grateful to live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland .  One day while walking along the beach and looking out to see I thought of how our minds are like an ocean – dark and stormy one day, then crystal clear and calm the next.  This is how my business name was born - 'The Mindful Ocean'. 

 Through practicing Mindfulness we are giving ourselves a gift to enjoy greater focus & awareness in order to feel calmer & respond more rationally in difficult situations. Mindfulness also improves our immune function, increases happiness, optimism, empathy & compassion. Additionally, it reduces stress, anxiety & depression. Because of this, we are provided with smoother sailing through each and every day.